In an effort to provide flexible education and a supportive environment, Blackhawk Technical College aspires to create a climate in which all students, 员工和社区成员感到受欢迎, 重视和包含. 为此目的, the College strives to use inclusive and accessible practices to create a community of diverse ideas, 能力, 文化和生活方式.


在2020年秋季学期, Blackhawk formed the 包容、多元化、公平和无障碍 (IDEA) Committee, 职员的横截面, 教师和学生须负责:

“create an environment that values human 多样性 and respects the experiences and contributions of all by directing and operationalizing accessibility, 多样性, 股本, and inclusion initiatives of the College with responsibility to ensure that all of our activities support the mission at the College and ensure our culture values 多样性 and seeks to foster 股本 and inclusion in a welcoming, 安全, 尊重社区.”

自从它形成以来, the committee and the College as a whole have worked to cultivate an on-campus culture of inclusion, 多样性, 公平和可及性 through deliberate and ongoing work and continuous dialogue both inside and outside the classroom.

倡议 & 活动

黑鹰股权准入 & Motivation (BEAM) program was developed at the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan built at Blackhawk. 黑鹰审查了机构数据, 包括当地的股票报告, 双入组数据, 坚持/毕业率, 确定了公平差距. BEAM is a board initiative that encompasses many aspects of intentional outreach, 帮助缩小平等差距的支持和服务.

The 理想机会奖学金 is an intentional effort to increase access to education and transform the lives of persons of color who are low-income and maybe first-generation college students, entering the following programs: Industrial Maintenance Mechanic, 机电技术, 汽车系统技术, 核技术或刑事司法.

Scholarship recipients will receive a scholarship for tuition, 费用及所需材料, 还有生活津贴. The recipients also will be engaged with a paid internship within their related field of study and receive support from a college faculty mentor.

Potential scholarship applicants can be referred for the 理想机会奖学金 through a community-based organization referral. 一旦做了推荐, the individual referred must complete a scholarship application and submit it to the Blackhawk 基金会 Office. 更多信息请访问 黑鹰.edu/foundation.

Blackhawk recognizes that many members of its community use names other than their legal names to identify themselves. This may include – but aren’t limited to – individuals who use their middle name instead of their first name, 使用昵称的人, and individuals who use a name that affirms their 性别认同.

The College adapted the Preferred Name Policy (E-240) and the Pronouns and Gender Identify Policy (E-230) in August of 2021. 在首选名称策略下, 首选名将在大学系统中使用, communications and informational material except where a legal name is required for business or legal reasons. 根据代词及性别认同政策, students and employees may designate their 性别认同 and preferred pronouns separate from their legal gender. The college will work to use 性别认同 and preferred pronouns in college systems, communications and informational materials except where legal gender is required.

Blackhawk will soon begin work on a land acknowledgement statement to honor and recognize the Indigenous people who historically were the stewards on the lands on which Blackhawk now stands. Tribal groups associated with the Janesville region include the Ho-Chunk, 索克人, Meskwaki, Kickapoo和Potawatomi, 根据威斯康辛原住民的说法, a resource from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Blackhawk Technical College does take its name from Chief Black Hawk, the leader of the 索克人 tribe. In 1767, 他出生在索肯努克村, 伊利诺斯州, 沿着岩石河,靠近现在的岩石岛. Chief Black Hawk led the 索克人 tribe in the War of 1812 and the Black Hawk War.

2022年2月, the IDEA Committee and the Executive Council added a sixth value - inclusive - to the College’s core values, 哪些因素与学院的使命和愿景宣言有关. This decision was made to enforce the College’s commitment to inclusion, 多样性, 公平和可及性.


  • 响应: 在学生学习最好的时间和地点与他们见面, 提供支持性服务,帮助他们取得成功.
  • 协作: Creating critical partnerships, adapting to community needs.
  • 授权: 构建包容性, 对齐, 以及支持性文化, 允许学生和员工发展, 成长和成功.
  • 战略: Optimizing college resources to meet the needs of learners and employers through data-informed decisions and innovative solutions.
  • 过程驱动: 开发透明, 一致的, 对齐, 以及可重复的过程和程序, 注重效率, 问责制, 和卓越.
  • 包容: Cultivating a climate in which all students and employees feel welcomed, valued, and included.

查看我们的 任务 & 愿景

The 多元文化联盟 (MCA) promotes campus 多样性 initiatives and activities at Blackhawk. 会员促进商誉, 培养领导能力, and develop professional skills for social and racial justice. 马华参与参观弥尔顿故居, 参观艺术博物馆, and various cultural programming including 灵魂美食午宴, 黑人历史月, 退伍军人节, 印第安人历史, 和大屠杀纪念.

黑鹰的理念(包容、多元化、公平) & 可访问性) Lounge, is located adjacent to the Student Commons in room 1404.

  • Welcoming space for all to hang out and connect with others.
  • Hosts events and activities focused on 多样性 and inclusion.
  • 是否有书籍、电影等可供借阅.

For more than 20 years, the Blackhawk Technical College 基金会 has hosted the 灵魂美食午宴. 用黑鹰烹饪学院的学生做的食物, all proceeds from the luncheon supports scholarships for minority students.





Blackhawk Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, 国家的起源, 性, 性别认同, 残疾, 或者它的项目和活动的年龄. The following person has been designated to manage inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: 第九条 Coordinator/Equal Opportunity Office, 6004 S. 县路G, P.O. Box 5009, Janesville, WI 53547-5009, (608) 757-7796 or (608) 757-7773, WI Relay: 711

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